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(Scam) Majesty

The big scam site majestybux

First .. I knew that its investment site

2- i invested in with payza and requested payout

3- no paying and the reason is that he doesnt use payza 

4- I asked for my money so he converted them to my balance

5- i had to report him in payza to refund my money
and he payed the money back and claimed that he is a legit site

6- i send him again can i invest in LR ? he says yes

7- i collected some money to invest in LR and requested payout
8- no payout again

9- he said that normal members cant request payouts 
10- i told him even its not right ... iam a premium account 

11- same words and no new action and money is GONE

This is my story with this super scam site